We were introduced to “Yellow” when she was 5 weeks old. We were thrilled to meet her and could not wait to bring her home. What we were not expecting was her sister, “Red” to also melt our hearts during the introduction. So just 3 weeks later (3 longest weeks ever!), we were bringing Hayley (“Yellow”) and Shylo (“Red”) home. The girls are utterly amazing, loyal, and not to mention entertaining! The compliments we receive on the dogs seem to be never ending. It is no wonder when you bring together such a beautiful female (Bella) and handsome male (Titus)! It has been awesome watching the girls grow up together. Despite the signs of sibling rivalry some days, they truly are best buds! We also appreciate the continuous guidance, sibling updates, and genuine interest in the well being of the girls we have received from Jeff and Veronica. Thank you so much as we absolutely love that the girls have become part of our family!

– Diane & Terry –

Money is gorgeous and she is social with other dogs at the dog park and friendly to other people as well. She is so smart it just blows my mind. It is extremely easy to teach her tricks like high five and pretending to be dead along with so many others. Thanks Veronica & Jeff for such a wonderful German Shepherds.

– Alex –

Jeff helped me pick my girl ember to match my extremely active lifestyle and wow what can I say. Ember is so kind and caring and loaded up on energy and has no problems keeping up with me. I find her extremely easy to train and her looks blow my friends away. Ember is a great protector and companion and really fills the role in which I had adopted her for. Thanks for the great dog and I highly recommend this breeder.

– Steve – 

My big boy Miller is a giant lap dog that could protect but be as gentle with little children as one could ask for. Miller is gorgeous with his stunning colors the neighbors are always complimenting him and they all love big Miller to pieces. Veronica & Jeff are real good breeders of German Shepherds and have shown genuine care and support for myself and my dog.

– Zel –

1. Everywhere we go some one comments how beautiful and well-mannered Hunter is.

2. Hunters temperament is perfect he wants to be friends with every dog he meets.

3. He is the perfect companion he will follow us everywhere on and off lead he is happy to go anywhere and just be along for the ride.

– Melissa & Dyla –