Our Dogs

Full Breed Working Line German Shepherds

Meet our German Shepherd pack of four amazing dogs


CKC registered Jag came to us from a friend in Saskatchewan. He was born in Trois Rivieres and did his basic work with his first owner. We’ve had him continued his work over the past year or so, and he is a delightful young dog who enjoys playing and snuggling as much as he like to do the three phases of Schutzhund (AKA IPO and now IGP). He is a very fast dog who likes to run the fence line between our house and kennel when we drive over there. I’ve clocked him at 35 Kph over that short distance. Jag is a dog who is willing to be friendly with most other dogs and is curious about meeting them and making friends unless they are not reasonable, at which point, he happily defends himself. He likes balls on ropes and tugs, and enjoys food bits during training. He has a very good nose, and enjoys tracking and is very happy to lead the pack.


CKC registered Dam Bella is a gentle and friendly German Shepherd towards people and other dogs. She is a beautiful black and tan shepherd that loves to run and play and is an excellent swimmer. She is healthy and alert with very strong nerves and high intelligence also easy to train.


CKC registered Tia is a fun loving, loyal, tough, energetic and brave dog. Just like the other German Shepherds she loves swimming and long walks. Tia is highly trained in obedience as well as excels in scent detection and in bite work. Tia is our working German Shepherd guard dog.


Ulta is a wonderful all black Germen Shepherd that came to us from Fort Saskatchewan at 3 years old. Ulta was born in Czech and imported to Canada approximately two and a half years ago. This all black beauty is highly trained in obedience and excels at swimming and tug games. Ulta has one of the most amazing balanced temperaments we have ever seen in a German Shepherd with no lack of all the amazing attributes that make the working line German Shepherd one of the very top dog breeds in the world.